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0932 Plain Polybags Pouches for Shipping Packing (100 Packs)

0932 plain polybags pouches for shipping packing

0932 Plain Polybags Pouches for Shipping Packing (100 Packs)

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Plain Polybags Pouches for Shipping Packing?ÿ(100 Packs)

These polybags have hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive strip for easy and permanent closure, once sealed properly these bags cannot be opened and has to be torn. This tamper evident seal will ensure safety of the inner content. Made from Co-Extruded Multilayer film makes it easy to write with regular ball point pen or permanent marker. Courier bag is an essential item for sending items through couriers to any place near or far from you. We want our items inside the packet to be safe. So here comes these tempered proof, water proof bags in which you can pack anything like clothing, consumer durable, documents etc.?ÿ

Product Features :

Save time and cost :
The poly bags are good acceptable thickness for shipping soft-goods, and they are light enough to safe you some money on weight for shipping. The white mailing bags have a peel-off strip that is very sticky that will seal the bag very well, it's quick seal, no licking or water needed. The poly bags are a good strong plastic shipping bag. If you have many orders need to post everyday, these plastic mailing bags perfect for you!

High-quality :
The 4*6 Poly bag used of opaque high-quality materials convenient for protect your privacy with a professional appearance

Waterproof ‹¬?
Self-sealing for easy packing with a tamper-evident, super secure closure. Pressure sensitive adhesive provides a high strength, durable closure that is water and dirt resistant. They provide the ultimate protection for your mailing no matter Rain or shine.

Durable Protection ‹¬?
Top-quality poly bag are tear and puncture resistant. Even though poly bags don't offer interior cushioning they are made to withstand the rigors of the shipping process.

Material :
A poly bag is usually made of polyethylene but can also be made of heavy-duty nylon fibers.Poly bag are a great choice for their high-strength design that keeps contents secure against moisture, chemicals, tampering, puncturing and tearing.

Physical Dimension

Weight (Gm) :- 235

Length (Cm) :- 14

Breadth (Cm) :- 2

Height (Cm) :- 20


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