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0660 Cheese Grater/Slicer/Chopper With Stainless Steel Blades

0660 cheese grater slicer chopper with stainless steel blades

0660 Cheese Grater/Slicer/Chopper With Stainless Steel Blades

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Cheese Grater/Slicer/Chopper With Stainless Steel Blades

This?每Cheese Grater is a sturdy, safe and compact kitchen accessory that caters to various grating needs from grating cheese, ginger, frozen fruits to chocolate. The grater features stainless steel, food-grade surface, allowing safe and hygienic contact with food. An ergonomically designed plastic handle offers a firm grip and durability, making it a long-lasting addition to your kitchen tools.
Maintenance becomes convenient as the grater is dishwasher-safe along with being easily hand-washable. When storing, simply hang it onto a kitchen hook and you have to yourself a neat and organized cooking space.

Product Features :?每

FANTASTIC RESULTS WITHOUT THE FATIGUE :?每With minimal effort you can perfectly shred and slice cheese and vegetables. Get creative and make dinner exciting again by grating, slicing and making fresh zest to take your meals to another level.

FOOD PREP DONE FAST WITH OUR NEW EXTRA WIDE SIZE?每: Shred a block of cheese in no time with this wonderful product that is effective and durable. This professional version has a contoured shape that is wider than our original grater and makes grating cheese and soft foods easy and also allows for a greater holding capacity.

TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR MASTERY OF THE CULINARY ARTS : One simple kitchen tool that will completely improve the taste and texture of what you prepare. Skip the food processor which is a hassle to clean and gives subpar results. Trust us, you want this.

KITCHEN MUST-HAVE?每: Sharp Stainless Steel blades get the job done quickly and result in cleanly sliced and grated food. Removable bottom keeps you safer and prevents slipping and sliding on your counter, cutting board or plate. It also prevents food from escaping out the bottom of the grater so you'll have less to clean up.


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