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1279 2 in 1 Vaporiser steamer for cough and cold

1279 2 in 1 vaporiser steamer for cough and cold

1279 2 in 1 Vaporiser steamer for cough and cold

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2 in 1 Vaporiser steamer for cough and cold?ÿ

2 in 1 Steam sauna vaporizer is unique in nature it is useful for both health & beauty. This vaporizer is highly effective and easy to use. It is ideal for the purpose of inhalation during cold or respiratory problem. The vaporizer is convenient in carrying while on the go as well as at home. It has plastic body which is shock resistant and comes with a long power cord.

Product Features :

  • The product is made of plastic and will have smell during initial usage. Please wash the vaporizer with lukewarm water twice before first use to avoid such odour.
  • Nose is provided to promote relief from cold, throat infection and congestion problems. You can add inhalants to the vaporizers like balm and other medicines.
  • Along with the attachments Steam Vaporizer is quite convenient to carry on way or at home as well. It has light weight and a small box is there to place all the attachments. Also, the vaporizer is very easy to use and maintain.?ÿ
  • Vaporizer has 2 attachments all in One, Consisting of , Vaporizer and Facial . you can add inhale ant for cold Relief and Congestion, The warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold and cough
  • Steam vaporizer is designed in a unique way, made by plastic body, which has to be shock free and light. The attachments are provided with smooth edge for the and facial purpose.
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