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Garden Combo - Flower Cutter (Hedge Shears) & Hand Weeder Straight

Garden Combo - Flower Cutter (Hedge Shears) & Hand Weeder Straight

Garden Combo - Flower Cutter (Hedge Shears) & Hand Weeder Straight

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Your Brand Garden Combo - Flower Cutter (Hedge Shears) & Hand Weeder Straight 

Gardening Scissor (Pruner)

These seamless cutting secateurs provides efficient cutting for strong stems and firm twigs. It also gives clean cuts on small branches up to 2-3 centimeters thick. This gardening scissor is idle for gardening and maintaining the growth of backyard bushes; these pruning scissors makes gardening comfortable and promotes simple trimming to your shrubs, greenery, plants, flowers, fruits and trees.

This Teflon coated razor sharp blades are made from high carbon steel, prickly and consistent for most of the lightweight cut back work. The curved plate on the lower blade holds stems steady and makes it ready for the chop. This entirely hard-edged, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, even after the heavy use.

Hand Weeder Straight

Purpose: Handheld weeder tool perfect for removing dandelions and tougher weeds like thistle, queen Anne’s lace, and burdock from garden or lawn without digging wide hoes to get the entire root

- Hand Weeder is used for weeding and small root removal. The tool is perfectly sized for flower beds and small vegetable gardens. 

- These are small hand tools with a forked end that’s ideal for digging at individual weeds and removing them by the root.

Package Included

Gardening Scissor (Pruner)

Hand Weeder Straight

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