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7401 Secure Adjustable Code Luggage Strap Lock Belt for Suitcase Baggage

7401 secure adjustable code luggage strap lock belt for suitcase baggage

7401 Secure Adjustable Code Luggage Strap Lock Belt for Suitcase Baggage

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Secure Adjustable Code Luggage Strap Lock Belt for Suitcase Baggage

A luggage strap belt with a 3-digits combination lock and adjustable woven strap with a side release plastic buckle is what everyone needs whilst traveling. Straps prevent your suitcase from being mixed with other suitcases. Ideal gift for protecting luggage or suitcase in the travel or other occasions, security to your goods.?每

Easy & Secure :

The resettable 3 digit combination approved locks allow you to set you own combination. Simple 6 steps and instructions are included right at back of the package cardboard. Please note that NEVER forget your password or the luggage padlocks will be of no use.

Small & Solid :

The small, lightweight?每 travel padlocks come with hardened shackle and solid body. It is tough enough to survive even the roughest baggage handling. The lock mechanism is weatherproof and won't rust or freeze up. The professional painting will not peel off.

Wide Application?每:

With shackle diameter the small combination padlock approved threads through all standard sized zippers on luggage, suitcase, backpack, duffle, golf or carry on bag, briefcase or pelican case, handbag, etc. It is also perfect portable padlocks for lockers at gym and school, and for drawers, toolbox, cabinet, etc.

Reset the lock :

Default Combination is 0-0-0. Hold the unlock button and keep it pressed, while the button is pressed, turn the dials and set your personal combination. Release the button, your new combination is set.

Length :

The length of the luggage strap is 200 cm (end-to-end) without the buckle.

Package Includes:

Luggage Strap ?? 1

Physical Dimension

Weight (Gm) :- 130

Length (Cm) :- 7

Breadth (Cm) :- 4

Height (Cm) :- 18

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