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0878 Heavy Duty Industrial Cutter Knife 9mm

ambitionofcreativity in utility knife heavy duty industrial cutter knife 18mm red

0878 Heavy Duty Industrial Cutter Knife 9mm

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ambition of creativity Utility Knife - Heavy Duty Industrial Cutter Knife 9mm?ÿ

heavy duty cutter ideal for thicker cuts. Can also be used for commercial or industrial purpose like cutting thick paper, cardboard, balsa wood, photos, coupons, card stocks, mat board, foam board, delicate fabrics, etc .?ÿ

Economical and Disposable Box Cutting Blades- Blade width is 18mm (1.8cm) Compact and lightweight with comfortable grip and wider retractable blade.

Cutting with Ease: Ready to use, cut and toss or keep some around as a spare utility knife in your garage, tool kit, home and office.

Widely Used: DIY, graphic artists/designers, students, hobbyists, office solutions, warehouse shipping, freight couriers, longshoreman.


Main Features:

0.4mm slim and auto-Lock design

Angle snap-off blades

Easy to replace blades

Value set for crafting, scrap-booking and arts basic for cutting paper,box,cardboard,etc.



Color: Blue & Red

Blade material: SK5

Blade size: 110mm

Blade thickness‹¬?0.4mm

Product size‹¬?175*45*15mm

Product material‹¬?Rubber handle

Weight: 80g

Tags: Hardware

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