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King O Clean™ - Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets 6 Month Pack (Buy 12 Get 12 FREE)

King O Clean™ - Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets 6 Month Pack (Buy 12 Get 12 FREE)

King O Clean™ - Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets 6 Month Pack (Buy 12 Get 12 FREE)

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Your Washing Machine Cleans Your Clothes But What Cleans Your Washing Machine?

Don't Worry! Open a new era of healthy laundry with our King O Clean™. It's time to say goodbye to Dirt & Smell from your washer completely. 

Disinfect Your Washing Machine and Make it Germ-free.

✔️Kills 99.9% of Pathogens & Bacteria ✔️ Guaranteed To Clean Any Washing Machine✔️ 30 days of clean

We know the importance of washing machine in our daily life but did you ever realized that is disgusting bacteria, mold, dirt & grime buildup that go unseen and leave clothes stinking? According to experts, the rate of bacteria counts exceeding the standard for household washing machines is as high as 81.3%. But don't worry we introduced Freshtab™ for GUARANTEED TO DEEP CLEAN ANY WASHING MACHINE.

What Makes The This Tablet Best Solution?

  • CONVENIENT USE: Keep the washer empty, add 2-3 tablets and set the "clean washer" Or "rainse+spin" cycle and wipe away any residues. No need to disassemble the washing machine.
  • POWERFUL DEEP CLEANING: These tablets are thinner and smaller than regular tablets. This allows them to easily penetrate, break up and dissolve those thick grime build-ups.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL WASHERS: This cleaner is suitable for all types (Standard or High-Efficiency Top loader, Front Loading) of washing machines and with all brands (Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, DMR, IFB, Bosch, Haier, Toshiba, Llyod, Toshiba, Koryo and any other brand)
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: These True fresh washing machine cleaner tablets are made of unique formula to make them safe for you, the washing machine and the environment.
  • BAD SMELL ELIMINATOR: Our washer cleaner tablets are excellent in eliminating bad smells in your washing machine. After cleaning, your washer is left smelling nice and fresh.
  • EASY TO USE:  Just empty your washer, place 2-3 tablets, soak and run a full cleaning cycle, and wipe away residues. Can effectively clean the harmful and stubborn stains and keep clothes from additional pollution in the laundry process, breathing fresh again.
  • SAFE FOR CLOTHES: Your fabrics will never be harmed. Our formula protects the integrity of your clothing and makes sure every load truly comes out fresh and clean.
Questions & Answers:

Q: Is this will work for the fully automatic machine?
A: Yes, this will work on any machine.

Q: Is this will work for the front load machine?
A: Yes, This will work on any type of machine whether it is front load, top load or normal machine.

Q: How many tablets are required for one clean?
A: We suggest using 2-3 tablets for a single clean. One clean in each month is best.

Q: How to clean & what long time it will take for a single clean?
A: The cleaning process is very simple you need to add water and then 2-3 tablets let's spin it for 30-45 minutes (don't put any cloths while cleaning) and then drain the dirty water.  

Q: Do you have any return policy?
A: Yes. we have a 7-day return policy on damaged products, please check the return policy for more details.

Q: Is COD (Cash On Delivery) or POD (Payment On Delivery) available?
A: Yes, we offer COD. No minimum purchase value is required.

Q: Are you delivering at home & what is the delivery cost?
A: Yes, we safely deliver the order to your home within 3-7 days and the best part is we don't have any delivery cost, we offer FREE Delivery all over India.  


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